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My name is Shirleen

A beauty biologist who is an enthusiast about beauty from inside out as she believes in ‘Beauty is more than just the skin, its also what you eat’. With a Biology major (Hons) and Dip. in Pharmaceutical Science, she started as a skincare developer and grew her expertise with strong technical skills to be an aesthetician where she treats skin synergistically with scientific knowledge. With continuous learning motivation, she pursed into Dip. in Nutrition Specialist to transform beauty to a holistic formula.

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Our Beliefs

"Every beauty is extraordinary" 

Everyone has their own environment and specific nutrients they need just like we have our own DNA.

Treatment customised for your unique needs and DNA

Hence at DermDiet, we believe in customization and treating the skin and scalp in a well-rounded approach. Here, the treatments are made with quality and customised based on your needs and we always consult and advise our customer to their lifestyle and product needs.


D etermine to treat problems

E arnest with our customers

R espect our roles

M eticulous in our service

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