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The best foundation is your "Glowing Self".

Scalp Spa

Scap care and spa

Learn about our different types of scalp care treatments available from preventing follicles aging to grey hair maintenance.

Duration: 40mins - 1.5hrs

Face Spa

Facial treatment

Achieve your ultimate skin goal with our treatments designed by our skin biologist. Get your skin plan together with your lifestyle!

Duration: 1.5-2hrs

Skin Bar

Skincare treatment

Combining technology and skin-science to develop a series of effective compact treatments for all skin combinations maintenance.

Duration: 15-30mins


Scap care and spa

Attain effortless natural ombre looking brow daily using korean handcraft technique.

Duration: 2.5hrs

Calm Sea
" Has been patronising them over the past ten years to do my hair treatment. The herbs used were genuine and gentle to my scalp. I do not have to go through the process of using artificial hair dye to keep my grey hair away and the best part is i do not have to worry hair loss as i age. Highly recommended for those who are has grey hair and hair loss problem. "

Gek Hoon, DermDiet Client

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