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Eyebrow Embroidery

We use high quality botanical pigments with Korean Misty hancraft technique and specific sterile needle to give very light feather-like shades that makes your eyebrows look highly natural. Crafting to bring you only more smiles. 

Our Crafting Process

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  • Which skin type is it suitable for?
    Skin Bar Techno facial is suitable for all skin types. Check with our therapist to assist in your skin type.
  • How often can I do Skin Bar Techno facials?
    Depending on each skin condition. We recommend to come 1-4 sessions a month.
  • Is there any extractions done during the Skin Bar Techno facials?
    There is no extraction done in Skin Bar Techno facials. We use technology/ machine to remove impurities. If you are looking for extractions, you can look into our Face Spa treatments.
  • Is there any downtime after the Skin Bar Techno facials?
    There is no downtime for the treatments. You may experience some mild redness but the redness will should subside quickly.
  • Any aftercare for the treatments?
    Exfoliate your skin and mask weekly to maintain the effects on your skin. For more specific aftercare consult our therapist.
  • What is the difference between Face Spa and Skin Bar Techno Facial?
    Face Spa facials has longer treatment time as it includes masking and head/shoulder massage. It is often recommended for individuals who are looking to treat skin concerns more effectively. Skin Bar Techno facial are concise effective treatments good for busy individuals looking to maintain their skin. You can contact us directly (with photos) or head to our store directly and we will advise you accordingly on the type of program most suitable for you.
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